Is that Kraftwerk in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern? No, it's World Radio Day

Wednesday 13 February 2013, 16:08

Paul Murphy Paul Murphy Senior Producer, A&Mi

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BBC Daventry Empire Short Wave Station,1938 The control room BBC Daventry Empire Short Wave Station, 1938.

"13 February is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression over the airwaves." from The UNESCO website

  • You can find out more about the second World Radio Day on the UNESCO website.
  • The picture is from the BBC archive and the original caption reads: "BBC Daventry Empire Short Wave Station: 1938. Picture shows - High power transmitter. The control room showing three of the six programme-control positions and telephone switchboard. Left, controlling the volume of the programme; right, checking the anode current of his amplifier."
  • Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
  • How to set up an online radio station


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