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Editor's note: On the BBC Internet blog there's news of a new test version of the BBC Radio homepage for you to try and out and submit your feedback - PM.

A screenshot of the Radio 1 Labs release

Today marks an important (if relatively modest) step for BBC radio on digital platforms, as we release a Labs version of the new BBC Radio homepage.

I'm an Executive Product Manager in BBC Future Media working on what will eventually (sometime during 2012) become the Radio and Music product, in line with the BBC's strategy for a small number of cross platform products, as outlined by Director of FM Ralph Rivera and previous Director Erik Huggers.

Today is the very first step on the ladder, as we have spent recent months building the foundations and are now keen to start to get feedback from users on this release of the Radio homepage.

Read the rest of the post, try our the Labs version of the BBC Radio homepage and submit your feedback on the Internet blog.

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