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The RAJARs, the listening figures for UK radio, covering the second quarter of this year are out. Here's the BBC RAJARs press release ("BBC stations stand out in strong quarter for digital radio").

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) is jointly owned by the BBC and commercial radio trade body the Radio Centre. Participating listeners are asked to record their radio listening in quarter-hour time blocks for one week.

The RAJAR figures for 'linear listening', not including on-demand listening or podcasts, in a table and the official quarterly press release (PDF).

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Russ

    on 3 Aug 2012 12:02

    In respect of time-shifted listening, I've done a few sums of the comparison of monthly catch-up stream requests between April 2011 and April 2012 from the published site-usage figures:

    - All networks: up 18.2%
    - Radio 1: up 14.3%
    - Radio 2: up 49.8%
    - Radio 3: up 26.4%
    - Radio 4: up 23.3%
    - Radio 4 Extra: up 16.8%
    - Radio 5 live: up 49.4%
    - Radio 5 live sports extra: up 273%
    - 6 Music: down 0.5%
    - 1 Xtra: down 5%
    - Asian Network: up 11.1%

    The trends given above would seem to be very positive ones, and I'm a bit surprised the BBC doesn't make more of them. The figures do not reflect streams outside of the UK. (Btw, why not?)

    Whilst the amount of overall time-shifted listening remains small (thought to be approx 1% at the last BBC estimation) compared to 'live' listening, there are considerable differences between stations, for which there seems to be only sporadic/anecdotal evidence, for example approx 5% in the case of Radio 4.

    Given the change in measurement methodology in July 2011, there would now seem to be no reason why the BBC could not start to produce year-on-year time-shifted trends for each station.


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