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Some big changes have been announced today by management at BBC Online. A cut amounting to 25% will affect the whole of the Corporation's online division (Future Media & Technology). 360 posts will close all together, including between 35 and 39 at BBC Audio & Music Interactive. Around 200 individual web sites ('TLD's) will be closed.

Outgoing boss of BBC FM&T Erik Huggers has written a detailed post for the About the BBC blog, based on his announcement to staff.

On the BBC Internet Blog, executive Ian Hunter has written two blog posts. The first, published this morning, is about the effect of the cuts on the BBC's social media, including the planned disposal of H2G2, the long-running online community and closure of the iPlayer messageboard. In his second post he writes about the mechanics of closing and archiving 200 BBC web sites.

On the Sports Editors blog, Ben Gallop explains that the 606 sports discussion web site will be closed, along with several other sport services.

On its web site, the BBC Trust confirms that it has approved the cuts as part of the BBC's new online strategy. There's a formal announcement on the BBC Press Office web site.

The news has produced a great deal of discussion in the media and on the social networks. 'BBC Online' has trended strongly on Twitter all day, as have several cuts-related hashtags. Many thousands of tweets and nearly 900 blogs mentioned the changes.

Media coverage included The FT, The Telegraph, The Guardian's Paid Content blog, Marketing Week and The Register.

More blog posts from BBC executives are due tomorrow.

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