10 reasons why I love Jennifer Lawrence

Movie Critic

I love Jennifer Lawrence because...

1) She's funny. Genuinely funny. Not scripted funny.

2) She's not obviously affected by fame.

3) Nothing phases her. Even screaming paps. She just screams back.

4) She can straddle two franchises with ease. (Hunger Games and X-Men....Hello!)

5) She's clumsy. She trips up a lot. Usually on live TV.

(1min, 30 secs in)

6) She's a bit deaf (I asked her who her favourite heroine was growing up, she said, "Harry Potter".)

7) She has a gorgeous figure but it's not totally unattainable. Just quite unattainable.

8) She likes food. A lot.

9) She's honest. Sometimes painfully.

10) She still does indie films. To be fair, she can afford to.


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