Christmas Comforts

Movie Critic

This is the first instalment of my favourite comfort films and it’s a Christmas special (6 weeks to go!). If you’re having a crap week, you should stick on one of these movies and immerse yourself in fiction and tinsel.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Pretty much speaks for itself. Whatever is going on in your life, it’s probably not as bad as what Bridget’s going through.

Sleepless in Seattle – Who cares if you’ve never met the love of your life? Guaranteed to cheer you up, it’s melancholy enough so you can wallow in misery for the first half but the second half is a real pick-me-up. Take me to the Empire State Building, NOW.

Die Hard – A bit violent, very Christmassy and a nostalgia trip like no other, you finish Die Hard feeling purged of any ill-feeling. Although that might be to do with the white vest. Or rather, what’s underneath it.

The Holiday – What is it about watching other people in the snow that makes you happy? The acting’s not great and it’s a far stretch that Kate Winslet would fancy Jack Black but it’s a great one to stick on when you’re snowed in and need a bit of festive cheer.

Serendipity John Cusack just has a knack for making me feel better. Maybe because he’s always so grumpy but this is one of his more romantic stories. Searching years for a woman because of one serendipitous moment…and it also gave us this quote: “British women do not age well. Years ago, she might have looked like Baby Spice but now she could look like…” “Old Spice?”


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