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And now a story about Salman Rushdie...

Eddie Mair | 07:59 UK time, Friday, 13 August 2010

...from your fellow listener Adrian Salmon. chutney.JPG "In my cupboard at home, I have a prized possession - a jar of lime pickle signed by Salman Rushdie.
It's a slightly long story.

It goes back to 1989 when I was on my gap year living in Bristol. I'd just read Midnight's Children and Shame and had been blown away. And I saw that Salman Rushdie was coming to Bristol to sign copies of his new book - The Satanic Verses.

I couldn't afford to buy the book - I was temping to pay my rent. I couldn't take in a copy of his other books, because they didn't belong to me. But there was a chapter in 'Midnight's Children' where the narrator compares writing a novel to making pickles. Each chapter is like a pickle jar and the flavours have to be sealed in quickly, before they lose their intensity.

So I bought a jar of lime pickle at my local store. I wrote a note explaining my circumstances, and asked if Mr Rushdie would sign the jar of pickle as an analogue for his novel. And bless him, he did. And I have it still."

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