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Have you ever stood for parliament?

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Jennifer Tracey | 12:10 UK time, Wednesday, 21 April 2010

1976 Barbara Hardcastle and Tony Benn. Those were the days?

One listener thought she couldn't after reading a newspaper article. She wrote to us explaining:

"I feel the stigma of mental illness yet again when learning that because I was Sectioned 15 years ago I am not eligible to stand for Parliament"

Actually, she's wrong and would be able to put herself forward. Judges can't, members of the police force and the army can't and if you've recently been declared bankrupt, forget it.This PDF file on The Electoral Commission website details who's eligible.

Have you ever wanted to stand as an MP or a local councillor and been told you can't? Maybe you considered it but others put you off? Did you put yourself forward and regret it horribly or was it the making of you. Email ipm [at] bbc.co.uk


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