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Eddie Mair | 10:22 UK time, Wednesday, 3 February 2010

sandy6.jpg It was Roger Clasper who started it, with this email, read on the programme last night:

"Following the sucess of "up shares down shares", as we muddle on towards the general election, how about "up chairs down chairs" referring to seats won & lost? Unlike other listeners I miss the theme of the day, and would certainly add to the entertainment value of the forthcoming shenanigans in May!"

My threat to take away his radio did not deter others...

Geoff Grandy wrote: "how about: Upmares, Downmares: Dodgey horse traders.
UpMairs, DownMairs: A traumatic day in the life of Eddy.

Upwears, Downwears : Under-clothing manufacturer.

Uptears, Downtears; Versatile tailering shop.

...... Well you started it!!!"

And we got this: "Following the sad demise of "Upshares", and then yesterday's waggish suggestion for its replacement, I should like to propose another alternative.

Given their frequently rising and falling public stock, and their uncanny ability to be world leaders of peace one minute and war the next not to mention occasional followers of cultish lifestyle gurus), how about a new PM feature called, "UpBlairs/DownBlairs"?

Best wishes,

Simon Mercer."

And then there was this:

"I've got it. This is going to be great!

In the run-up to the election (thereby quantifying its shelf-life) PM should run a feature
monitoring the ebb and flow of voter confidence in the major parties, and how that would
translate into seats through FPTP and other voting systems. Peter Snow would be the
natural choice of presenter for the feature, but anyone similarly excitable about stats and
graphs could be employed. Nils, for example.

So, you call the feature POLLDORK, and people can send in innovative versions of the
theme from Poldark to introduce it. Just a bit of fun!

Chris, Ipswich"


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