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Changing your identity

George South | 05:55 UK time, Monday, 2 November 2009


A quick note on a behind-the-scenes change that will affect commenters today. The BBC is implementing a new sign-in system across all its blogs and message boards, called BBC iD. Anyone wishing to comment from now on will be prompted to upgrade their accounts -- this is a one-time-only process and it's relatively painless.

One note of caution though: if you've got multiple BBC accounts, you'll only be able to upgrade one of them to BBC iD using your preferred username and email address.

Should you be burning with questions about this, you can get more information and help over at the BBC Internet Blog.

PM Blog Czar Out.

UPDATE: Okay, not quite painless then... Apologies to all the people who've had difficulties signing in or posting since the upgrade went live. There's clearly a bug in the new system.The Blogs team tell me they're working on fixing it as a matter of priority, so bear with us.

If you're specifically affected by the "Confirm Registration" link not working, a workaround (discovered by The_Wrath_is_Come) is to right-click on the link and open it in a new tab/window. The Blogs team are looking into the other issues people are having, and I'll report back here when I hear from them.

MORE UPDATE: Blogs team 'expect the situation to have been resolved within the next hour.' (as of 3pm)


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