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Brian Hanrahan

Eddie Mair | 10:54 UK time, Monday, 9 November 2009

is hard at work covering the commemorations of the fall of the Berlin Wall. His producer Amanda writes: "We're camped out in a very flash modern apartment overlooking the Brandenburg Gate. It has got white walls, white sofas and cream carpets. So not our usual working environment. Television has taken over the balcony so they have a great view of the ceremonies. The radio team is in a bedroom, and there's one broadcast point in the loo -- Iets hope we don't have to use that.


At the moment Daniel Barenboim is rehearsing the Staatskapelle Berlin outside in the square. They'll be taking part in the ceremony this evening when one thousand giant dominoes are toppled around the centre of the city. They've been decorated by school children from around the world. We saw one last night that looked to have been inspired by Rhubarb and Custard. brian2.JPG


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