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Blog Exclusive: The World at One's Martha Kearney blogging live from Westminster

Eddie Mair | 10:57 UK time, Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Martha is preparing for The World at One at Westminster...she will keep us up to date HERE with what she's hearing.

1449: "Avocado and crayfish salad. My lunch."

1400: "There is clearly plotting going on to oust Gordon Brown. I spoke off the record to one of those who organised the failed coup last September. Their view was that after the election results start coming through on Friday, there will be public calls for the Prime Minister to go. Others will sign a letter. Then a stalking horse challenger will emerge - probably from the left of the party. In those circumstances, my source continued, their expectation is that Alan Johnson would throw his hat in the ring. Another Labour MP told me that the Health Secretary would be press ganged to stand. Others hope that the Prime Minister will himself decide to stand aside."

1057: "Lots of "I have never seen anything like this", leadership coups at the weekend, fury at Blears"



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