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Lights out

Sequin | 09:54 UK time, Monday, 25 May 2009

Hello, me again.

Had an "exciting" night yesterday. Every Sunday I work from the BBC's Millbank studios and we present our programme, The Westminster Hour, from there at 10pm.

So there we were, beavering away last night when at 9pm - bang. The lights, computers, phones - everything - went out. Nothing. Huge power failure.

We had to make a snap decision to race over to Television Centre and present the programme from S1 - the studio from where PM/Today/Wato are all broadcast.

We work on the sixth floor at Millbank. The lifts weren't working and my editor last night is heavily pregnant. All added up to a bit of a challenging night!

Anyway, I think the only difference on air was that we had no Big Ben bongs. Just pips. Hopefully no-one noticed.

See you later,




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