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PM live blogging tonight's programme and build up...read from the bottom!

Eddie Mair | 16:26 UK time, Wednesday, 15 April 2009

1757 Funny trail coming up....and then off. Let me know what you thought of this. Haven't read comments...been busy! Goodnight.

1756 Nina Ridge ready at weather centre

1755 This piece fell off the World at One. Nice to hear it.

1749 This will finish at 1753.40, so we have 20 seconds till the long wave opt

1748 A live sequence there...now into that tape. Not that it's a tape.

1735 Andy Burnham is next but is in a hurry

1735 Hard to type as Nils is right next to me

1731 Maybe Nils after the news...or Mr B

1729 Just being told Andy Burnham will do us. Just not at the moment.

1728 Can see Nils hovering outside

1726 Relieved to get to India piece

1722 India next after Jen

1720 Lost live guest for after this report. Not sure where we are going next

1720 Hillsborough next

1715 Lost line to live guest in Calais

1710 Now going with pre rec guest then live.

1709 Cue to Blockade vanished. Just reinstaed

1707 Being told blockade is next story, dropping pre rec guest from 1620 and doing new live.

1705 Jon's report on

1703 Hillsborough report might be further delayed and dropped down running order again

1703 Just nipped out to check how to say name of Indian place. Hope I get it right.

1701 Have message about India report and where Ritula is.

1658 Just rehearsed opening. Spelling might get worse from here...

1657 David Miles has just come in. Just had a chat with Eloise about Peter rogers

1655 Back in studio. New lead story as Hillsborough not ready. G20 new lead. Also guest from P and O just fixed on ferry problem. No Nazi discussion just single int

1651 Just finished recording with father and son. Terrific guests. Back out to office

1642 Added new IPCC line. Eloise sorting better fade on opening clip

1640 Still no int on living at home. radio car is there

1639 I wrote wrong name in a cue to the G20 stuff. Jon Manel points it out and spares my later blushes

1636 Fiddling with opening of show

1635 Angela Eagle just confirmed for Hillsborough int

1632 No sign of pre rec guests - back to desk

1630 Copy just dropped about blockade changes

1628...don't know if this will work. When I thought about it earlier I knew it might be tricky if the programme was especially busy and "live". It is. Lots still up in the air. Am in S1, listing to Radio 4, preparing for the trail. After that there is a pre-rec with a grown-up son who still lives with his parents. Three blog posts ready to go. Opening heads a bit up in the air, and we're having trouble with our Nazi discussion. Upping our blockade coverage. Just recorded an int with a man who took almost 24 hours to get over the Channel.


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