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You are being actioned

Sequin | 10:18 UK time, Wednesday, 18 March 2009

We've been going forward with some blue skies thinking in the office environment . We want you, the stakeholders, to join us in proactively thinking outside the box to seek a level playing field for all those verbal utterances that are constantly cascaded up (and down) by newsreaders and presenters. I have been meeting with my Editor and brainstorming how we might incentivise you, our stakeholders, to join with us in seeking out jargon across the piece.

I can't keep this up.

Tell us which words YOU would like to ban. The Local Government Association is calling on councils to cut out 200 jargon words including "revenue stream", "stakeholder" and
"incentivising". Margaret Eaton, the chairman of the LGA said "During the recession, it is vital that we explain to people in plain English how to get access to the 800 different services that local government provides with taxpayers' money. "



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