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The final countdown...

Eddie Mair | 10:35 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

...to the final strapline!

The straplines at the top of the blog have been as much a part of its success as 502 messages, Jack and Vera, and frog singing.

But it's important to keep refreshing, and not just falling back on the same tired old ideas...we keep that for the show...so very soon, we are going to publish the FINAL strapline. The very last one.

Could it be yours?


Think hard.

Think of the strapline that deserves to be used as the very last one...and send it to pm@bbc.co.uk.

Please put FINAL STRAPLINE in caps so I can see it amid the Nigerian lottery wins. I will choose one from the hundreds we will receive. Remember, I can be bribed, my decision is final, and not a word to the DG.


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