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The Official Blog of Blizzard '09. Day Two.

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Eddie Mair | 07:53 UK time, Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dear Eddie. As you can see, the residents of Plover Way, London, reacted to the credit crunch and the snow event horizon by building some snowmen. But the local swans were nonplussed. David Aldworth"

"Jen Mathias, Betws Bledrws - It snowed a bit last night... lovely and quiet because the schools are closed and we only have a bus every two hundred years anyway.. the trains were axed by Beeching so no problems with the wrong sort of snow either. A few cars and vans, one small bus, but no heavy lorries. The farmer has just been to feed his sheep - life goes on."

Richard Barton sends: "no snow plough's or gritters here."

By way of a contrast, Rigobert sent: "Eddie, I've just received these photos from a friend in south australia which has been having record heat levels.....cute photos, don't you think?!" - this is my favourite:

Bronwen sends this of Ladywell Fields:

"Monday afternoon and the snow is gradually filling the traffic lights where I was waiting to join the M1 southbound from the M25. I'll look again tomorrow to see if the lights shine through the snow. Richard"

"Rachel: I'm a librarian and my housemate a geologist living in Tooting, London. Normally eminently sensible I am sorry to report that the snow got to our heads and we built this lovely snow lady (we're not responsible for the one on Kensington High Stree sent in by Eloise though). She's since lost her nose - it is buried somewhere under the snow that fell this afternoon."

Elizabeth sends this "taken in Hackney at about 2 p.m. today near St John's Churchyard"

Neil sends: "Stella, Lucy, Johnny, Matty and Neil's Snowman outside Ludlow Castle.
Couldn't wait for School to end today."

"This was as near to the snow as Alfie wanted to get! Rachel and Marsha in Edgware"

"Locals enjoying the snow outside Marney's Village Inn. Lucy Matejka."

"Hi PM team, I live on the Roseland peninsula, near Falmouth and Truro, and we have had just the merest dusting of snow here today. It must be the first time my hens have experienced any snow, however. They were rescued last summer from a huge farm that was closing down (15,000 birds in total). They have been wandering round the garden all day as normal, quite unfazed. How they don't freeze to death in this cold I really can't fathom. Here's a picture of Mari (attached). Regards, Blogger, GerransGirl."

"Hi Eddie. Under the snow is our garden in East Dulwich, best regards, Olliver

From Mariyata Whittaker:

BATMAN! "He's at least 7ft tall, more sculpture than snowman. I don't know who made him, but I found him at midday today in one of the tennis courts in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, and I think he's fantastic. Maureen Fox"

Sent to us last night: "Greetings from a surprisingly snowy NW Cumbria. Forecasts yesterday suggested that the snow would not be putting in an appearance this far west, but as on so many other occasions prediction and reality are somewhat different. If I live to be 100 and have to answer the inevitable 'what do you put it all down to' question then my explanation will be the excellent exercise and release of tension afforded by shouting at the radio in reaction to weather reports which ever so inaccurately describe weather that has just happened or is happening when simply looking out of the window confirms that nothing of the sort is the case. So what will tomorrow bring? According to the BBC Weather web site it should be 'light rain'. Hmmmm, we'll see. Kind regards,
Chris Atkinson"

"Hi! I had a wonderful time walking in the snow in Richmond Park this afternoon where I took this photo of the deer. Cheers, Margaret"

Snow in the South Downs: "Beautiful. Ann B, High Salvington in West Sussex"

"Here in Wild Wales the sun shone on the righteous... (well, until this evening)This is how it was around 9.30. The pony and trap were on the way to Llanbedr Pont Steffan from Llanfair Clydogau. Apart from road signs and a tarmac road the scene must have been much the same as in the 19th century. You can just make out a few flakes of snow under the trees. Jen Cairns"

Richard sent this: I have no idea how he created it:

Des Boxall sent this yesterday: "We reckon 4-5 inches snow cover and more to come overnight but nowhere near 1982, yet!"

Adam, who sent a snap earlier (see below) writes: "Another image of the snow in West Cornwall today. The black sky in the background is the next shower heading in and resulted in a complete white-out."

Owen Wood sends: "Soldiers training in Hawley, Hampshire."

"Eight years since we last got any snow and today it's been snowing more or less continuously since 8.15 am. Only about 35mm so far, but enough to make it well worth getting out in. Image shows Cape Cornwall near Lands Ends with a snow shower just passing through not long before sunset. The next wasn't far behind. Adam Sharpe"

"Hi, Here's a pic of my happy dog Chester. Aaaah! where'd that snowball go...?? He never found any... but had lots of fun looking. Genny."

Big Sis sends: "Monty taking a chunk out of my shoes this afternoon. This is what snow does to an excitable, and very naughty, collie."

"My kitchen window at 6.30am this morning. Anneberth Lux"

Liz Tunmer sends another from yesterday: "Dave's first view of snow - 7.15 a.m Feb 2nd, Brighton" sn17.JPG

"A snowy scene in The Close in Salisbury (The National Trust's Mompesson House is in the centre of the photograph). Bryn Jones, Salisbury."

"Here we have a nice collection of snow cushions as seen in our garden at 7 this morning. Totally impractical, we know, but very pretty. Loveliness. Dominic Arnold"

"The attached pic is of the Market Square in Saffron Walden, Essex, taken at 8.55am (yesterday). It's pretty rare these days to find the square almost empty of cars. Most of the snow had been cleared by 11am after the minor roads (and pavements) had been gritted. Main roads are clear - one of my colleagues cycled in, as usual, from Steeple Bumpstead, which is 10 miles away. Sara Willard, Saffron Walden.

Chloe Alexander sends: "The Grange Gardens, Lewes and The South Downs in the snow today":

David Tribe says this is the "fun side of the credit squeeze"

More from yesterday: "Eddie, Just back in from work, But attached is a 'photo from Tadworth (Surrey) this morning: "My driveway", regards, Peter Hutton.

Deer in Richmond Park, taken by Imogen Driver

From Barbara Watson: Snow scene Bourne End, Bucks.

Eddie, More snow in St Albans: David McNickle

"Not much work done today. Too much time spent looking out of my window...from Molly"

HelenSparkles in Sapcote, Leicestershire sends this:

"OK - I couldn't resist sending this photo - an ever-expanding group of snowpeople in North Millfields Park, Hackney. Every time I walked by there was a new addition! Ruth Tovim"

"This is Marcus Aurelius, looking rather jaunty. He lives in my garden in Wiltshire. Lynn Taylor"

"This is my Daughter in Law enjoying the snow in Hampshire. from C Cook Somerset"

"Please could you accept this picture taken this morning in Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire from our bedroom window. Best wishes, Nick Fletcher"

John writes of "Treacherous conditions. And just to prove that the buses were running - one taken from the top deck of one in Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington."


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