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Monday's Celestial Delights.

Eddie Mair | 08:28 UK time, Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sorry no-one thought to post these yesterday...we got lots of emails and photos after our item...


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Gerallt Pennant sent the two photos above: "Hello Eddie, took the pictures near Cricieth, just after hearing your piece on PM, Regards, GP."

The sound we've added to Gerallt's photo came from Davy: "Hi Eddie and all the team; I'd just been outside taking photos of those heavenly bodies when your little piece came on air, and I thought I'd send you this bit of music (enclosed). I'm a totally obscure and unsuccessful singer/songwriter who started out several decades too late, and this is the final track on my first solo album 'Brittle' - it's very short, at least the music bit is, but in case you're not permitted to open enclosures, the words are "We've only got this little earth spinning round and round, dwarfed by its own insignificance. We fill our lives with petty squabbles, staking out our ground, where the greedy feed upon the innocent."
It just seemed to fit. (As I can't afford Max Clifford, nor indeed any agent or manager, I have to do this stuff myself.....) Best wishes to you all, Davy Cartwright "

"Once again Eddie I am in my studio in New Mexico listening to you... just wanted to share the fact that the moon, venus and jupiter all look sensational in our clear high desert skies! Lynne"

From Ruth: "thankyou PM - my seven year old son and I were admiring the moon and the 2 bright stars from our garden here on the west coast of ireland a while ago - and lo and behold, you inform us exactly what we had been looking at! And I always said Radio 4 was in touch with its listeners!"

"My 5 year-old daughter and I were walking home through the park at about 5.30 and saw the bright dot next to the moon and the other bright star. I said I thought one of them was Venus, but wasn't sure, so I was delighted to get home and hear you explain what we'd seen. Thanks! Elizabeth Matka, Birmingham"

Want to read more? Click here - a link sent to us by
John Vetterlein from the Auroral & Magnetic Observatory, Rousay, Orkney. Thank you John.

Simon Banton sent these:

"Clouds cleared here (Figheldean, Wilts) just in time to see Venus re-emerge from behind the Moon, with Jupiter in the upper right of the picture."



Around the world our listeners looked skywards:

"Hello - I'm in the South of France and it's beautifully clear and very easy to see the 'occultation'. Shame about the lack of silence Eddie....Robert Spensley"

"Clear sky in cyprus, the moon and Venus and Jupiter clearly visible."

"I am listening to you in West Cork, Ireland with a completely clear sky. I was looking at this wonderful sight about 5 minutes before you mentioned it in your broadcast. Many thanks for explaining it. Peter Cummings"

From Ruth Bennett, not so far from Peter: "From here in west Cork, in the southwest of Ireland,the cojunction of moon and venus are brittle bright sparkling. Gorgeous"

From Irene Tohme: "Hello from Beirut on Lebanon. Earlier this evening while walking my dog I was lucky enough to see Venus the moon and Jupiter so close to each other. The sky was so clear and the moon so low in the sky, it was quite a magical sight!"

And from closer to home:

"Many thanks for the tip off about the moon and its antics with Venus and Jupiter on 1st December. A dark frosty night, on the Towy estuary, Carmarthen. An owl hooted and redshank cried as we stood on the Green, Llansteffan and gazed at the silvery slither of the moon resting on its hip with Venus and Jupiter dancing in attendance. Eerie, simple and stunningly beautiful. A fine start to Advent. Thanks again, Mel and Gwyn Stacey"

"I was travelling back from work in Chester when I heard your bit about the Moon and Venus, when I came to a certain spot by the River Dee there it was in all its glory, about 6pm. I have tried to photograph it, but gave up and enjoyed the sight of the moon (partial) with Venus twinkling and Jupiter further away but very visible. Last night there was a very bright star visible, twinkling very brightly a distance away at l2 45am, would that be Venus, it was quite a sight?
So glad to have heard your broadcast, would probably have noticed but not know what I was seeing. The same happened a few years ago when Mars was near. Yours,
Margaret Lister"

"Dear PM - We live on the Restronguet creek in Devoran, Cornwall and viewing the three objects i.e. Moon, Venus and Jupiter is absolutely stunning. Luckily we have a clear sky and the moonlight on the creek mud is glorious. Extremely fortunate to see such a phenomenon. Best. Ali Rowe"

"The Royal Observatory outpost in Sidmouth is under a pure clear sky. Could it have been an event like this that inspired a native of East Devon, Samuel Taylor Coleridge? Maybe the Ancient Mariner was listening to PM on Radio 4 210 years ago.:

We listened and looked sideways up!
Fear at my heart, as at a cup,
My life-blood seemed to sip.
Till clomb above the eastern bar
The horned Moon, with one bright star
Within the nether tip!
Robert and Vivien Crick"

Big Sis sent this:


And finally (for now): "For those listeners with cloudy skies! Giles Frampton, Dorset":



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