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Hugh sends these photos

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Eddie Mair | 10:58 UK time, Tuesday, 16 December 2008

and words after his report on last night's programme:

"Starting with the lorry drivers who drive containers across the Khyber Pass from Peshawar - containers for the self-styled 'Operation Enduring Freedom' at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, and yet they get no military escort to protect them from the Taleban, and from corrupt police:



The drivers didn't want to be photographed at first, but then they asked to be. That's my empty glass mug of sweet green tea on the plastic rug. And this is the driver who says he had his cab window smashed by the police when he refused to pay a bribe. It's the cab under the tarpaulin. He didn't want to be identified:



That's Raz Mohammed, firewood seller, western Kabul.

And here are some of his customers:


These are two men who told me they are so desperate for work that they have got visas to go to Iran and look for jobs there. The Iranian embassy is in the background:



That's a kebab restaurant in Kabul. I had a print made of this photograph, and went back to give it to them. I do that when I can. The reward is the biggest smiles you can imagine - from Kabul to Kashmir, Bombay to Baghdad.

When I did that in Basra once, the British army major who was escorting me said, "Oh good PR, Hugh!" Perhaps, but it's not the motive.

These boys got a copy of their picture too:



The courtyard of a childeren's charity in Kabul. The framed poster on the right shows potentially unexploded munitions to be aware of.


A poster at the Ministry of Women's Affairs. It condemns 'domestic violence' against women. The writing on each finger of the fist says 'violence' in the Afghan languages, and in Arabic."


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