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Christmas Day.

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Eddie Mair | 01:05 UK time, Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Christmas from all of us here at PM. We're not on tonight but will be back tomorrow. Here are our final advent photos for 2008:

"Here's Santa on Saturday (the 13th). He had made sure the Christmas lists were in order before giving my two a small taster gift each. Regards, Stewart M"

"This is my daughter Emily's Angel which she made 14 years ago when she was 4 years old. Every year I think it's going to be last time we use it on top of the Christmas tree, but I haven't the heart to replace it! Best wishes, Gillian"

"My son got into the Christmas spirit early this year, July to be exact...from Rebecca Harris Cowley"

Stone Circles, Dartmoor. "Dear All - For your Advent Calendar. Happy Crimble - Chris Donovan"

And Fearless Fred says: "I'm not sure if it counts as a tradition, but the last two years you've been kind enough to post photos of the "festive" scenes in my office (2007: and 2006 )

Well, I've now moved jobs, and where I am now actually has a proper sized tree! So, here's my contribution to the Advent photos :-)"

From Jonnie: "This year's Cransley Tree. A real Norwegian spruce decorated with 420 warm white LED's and some tasteful Liberty decorations."

"Eddie. Took these pics (on the 16th...sorry Susi only room for one) in the local town this evening approx. 20.30 hrs Spanish time. Cold for here, 4 C! Eddie, may I wish you, the PM & iPM team members and fellow "Froggers" , a Very, Very, Happy Holiday Season and a Magical New Year (I have a feeling we'll All need a little magic in 2009).
Thank you all, for the quality programmes, insight and, comment! Susi Willis"


"Hi there, I took my two children on, what I hoped, would be the trip of a lifetime on Saturday - we went to Lapland for the day in search of the real Father Christmas (of course he is real!!). Was it a wonderful, magical, memorable experience? Well it was certainly memorable.........first of all our flight was an hour late leaving, then my son who was really bouncy and excited at the airport decided he wanted to sleep, after which he woke up incredibly crabby and whiney. While all the other kids were clapping and cheering, all he did was complain! This continued on while we got suited and booted (by this time I was ready to give up!). He cheered up a little on the sleigh ride to the activity place and played when we got there. But then, after waiting for about 30 mins to see Santa, he burst into tears saying he didn't want to see him and had to be practically dragged in by an elf while he clung desperately on to the bench outside the log cabin.......then he threw up all over me in front of the great man himself! We then spent the next hour in the sick bay..... Oh and the flight home was delayed by 2 hours.......an hour of which we were on the plane waiting to be de-iced when the cabin crew thought it would be a great idea if the children could "entertain" us by telling jokes and singing..... imagine a plane full of hyper (and let's just say, rather spoilt!) kids screeching and screaming down the tannoy......hmmm what fun!!!

Oh and my photos were pretty rubbish because I am not used to this new digital SLR camera, and it was dark and snowy. However, I hope you like these two..... Apart from all the traumas, it was magical and very very beautiful.

So what could be more Christmassy than Santa's elves (the one on the left is Noisy Nod and the one with his back to the camera is Tricky Dicky.....he's the naughty one!), and of course Reindeer.

Merry Christmas to you all

Fiona (aka LittleFluffyFi)

"Eddie, Father Christmas climbing up the front of our house. David McNickle St Albans"

"Eddie, Helping decorate trees at St Albans Cathedral. David McNickle"

On the 17th we were sent this: "I'm probably too late, but attached (I Hope!) is a picture of the robin that kept me company, on my allotment, this morning. I found some stale biscuits in my shed (which he wasn't too bothered about), and shared my piece of fruit cake with him. He had a pleasant morning, in the winters sunshine, foraging for caterpillars, slugs and worms, but demolished the fruit cake! AllotmentJo"


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