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Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross, Andrew Sachs and the BBC.

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Eddie Mair | 15:12 UK time, Monday, 27 October 2008

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The BBC has apologised...you can read more here .

In the programme tonight, we'll discuss all this. I'd like to know what YOU think. Feel free to leave a comment. We already had this email:

"I was absolutely appalled to hear about Brand and Ross's call to Andrew Sachs. Rightly so the BBC has apologised to Mr Sachs and presumably his granddaughter. However, I have heard nothing about what disciplinary action is being taken against Brand and Ross. In many jobs such activity would mean loss of employment. As entertaining as both Brand and Ross are (and I do enjoy their shows), I do not feel it is acceptable to let such awful behaviour go unchecked.

I have 2 young daughters and if I were to one day to hear of men boasting of their conquest of either of them you can imagine what reaction I might have.

Mr Flack"


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