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Cold as ice...

Sequin | 09:45 UK time, Friday, 3 October 2008


We're watching the reshuffle. And just hearing confirmation of the rumours that Peter Mandelson might be returning to the Cabinet (- for an unprecedented third time. Loads more on the programme tonight about that..

And we'll be taking you to Iceland. Ray Furlong has been there, seeing how then financial crisis is affecting businesses. Here's what he's saying about the trip:

"I was on board a trawler today (here's the proof - it's catfish). Iceland used to be all about fish; they still talk about the cod war. But nowadays they've discovered investment banking. It's led to massive riches for some.... And now, nationalisation for others. Oh, and the currency has collapsed. The men on this boat are so fed up that they'd even contemplate joining the European Union. Which could mean our fisherman could fish their waters. So we would, belatedly, win the cod war - and the Icelanders would stop talking about it...


What's on board??


Cod war aside, Reykjavik bay is beautiful - especially at sunrise...



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