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Eddie Mair | 17:40 UK time, Tuesday, 21 October 2008

atf.JPG...from Peter.

Verna sends: "Cornus alba sibirius - our hedge": atg.jpg

From Big Sis: "Sissinghurst, last weekend. The pictures were taken in low light conditions, as I didn't get there til late due to hold ups on the M25, but it was very atmospheric going round the gardens in the failing light. One photo is of the garden, the other of the herb garden, showing physalis (chinese lanterns) which are very colourful at this time of the year."

More from Verna, who's in Norway: "View from the top of the road, looking south."

And finally for now: "In an uncharacteristically spontaneous moment of do-it-nowness, here are photos of the conkers I can't resist collecting every day when I take the dog for a walk. All these are from one tree at the top of our drive, and have been collected since last week. Any suggestions as to what I can use them for this year, once they no longer look fabulously conkerish and beautiful, would be gratefully received. Val P"atk.jpg


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