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Michael Buchanan is in Libya and will report from there tonight.

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Eddie Mair | 10:42 UK time, Friday, 5 September 2008

He sends these words and pictures:

"Libya, during Ramadan, is a country turned on its head. The main square is dead at midday but thriving at midnight. Business and leisure is conducted at night - this football game was being played at 2am the other night.

Day or night, pictures of the Big Man are everywhere. My hotel reception has 5 of the them including a huge one that would appear in your eyeline as you descended the escalator. If the escalator actually worked.

A few days ago, he celebrated the 39th anniversary of the revolution. A quite extraordinary event in Benghazi where hundreds of women in military fatigues sang their way around a stadium while thousands of men waved rifles in the air as they filed past the Colonel.


Most of Tripoli is a construction site as multi-national companies pour billions into the country. But there is a charming and shaded old city where the pace of life is less hectic, the dollar has not yet become king (if indeed its reached these people) and old trades and customs still exist

Finally, an apology folks for the quality of these pictures. In essence my camera is knackered but I'll try and post a few more when I find someone to help me!"


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