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Eddie Mair | 10:27 UK time, Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Here is a "tea photo after the fact"...

"That's right, as you can see, we only remembered after we'd eaten it. Made with ingredients which included your actual genuine Old Kent Road home-grown purple sprouting broccoli leaves, and courgettes, with home-baked bread. Who would have thought it? Subhadassi"

Graham & Rosemarie Lenton are in the marvellous-sounding Ducklington near Oxford and write: "You asked us to send pictures of what we were eating for dinner tonight. Well here it is - thin slices of marlin, with a dill, cucumber, garlic and yoghurt sauce accompanied with our own runner beans, leeks and grilled tomato. There's a glass of white wine too and some garlic ciabata!"

Karen (I know no more than that, apart from the fact she gets her internet from Sky) sends a photo entitled "finger food"
1200 UPDATE: Karen has emailed with more details: "The photo you kindly put on your blog is of my son, Fraser, having his first opportunity to try finger food and to feed himself whilst Mummy listens to PM. Needless to say most of it ended up on the floor, but each piece of food was given careful consideration before being thrust downwards in a carefully designed experiment to see if gravity affects asparagus in the same way as carrots, whilst also checking Mummy's reaction time."

This image comes from the Clintons! Celia Clinton!: "this evening we're having Vegetable Couscous for four, even though there's only two of us these days. However, enough left over for packed lunch tomorrow - never mind the garlic!"

From an orange email account (number ending 521) we have this delight:

These are from Brian and Pat Thompson: "here are two photos of today's evening meal. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely. It consisted of lamb and halloumi kebabs with baked potato and ratatouille, followed by baked plums and ratafias. It was accompanied by Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and rounded off with a cup of Russian Caravan tea."

Pauline and Peter Elliot write: "This is what we were preparing for our main meal as we listened to your programme tonight. It is a large plateful and consists of : tomato, cucumber, fennel, lettuce, baby sweetcorn, grated courgette, sliced leek, beetroot, flat green beans, blackcurrant sage, fresh mint, mackerel fillets in tomato, and a spoonful of Hellman's Mayonnaise. The Fruit Salad consists of an orange, an apple,strawberries and red and green grapes. Also a glass of red wine. We really enjoyed it!!"

And from D Trott: "Beef casserole(home-made),cabbage and roasted potatoes;followed by fresh fruit sald andcream,accompanied by a cup of tea in a patriotic mug."


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