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Eddie Mair | 12:02 UK time, Monday, 15 September 2008

"Please find attached my tea consumed at 18.45 on 4-9-08 in Durham. Cliff Ludman."


Fay Harvey sends :"My evening meal on Thursday 4 September 2008."

Peter Lewis: "Minted lamb cutlets, french beans, new potatoes; banana for 'afters'. 75 yr old widower self caterer . . . ."

"Here is a picture of tonights meal. Veg risotto with poached salmon. Otherwise known as 'scrap night' a concoction of left overs before the week shopping appears. Christine Gawad"

"The Black family are having vegetable Thai green curry with rice, and pineapple upside-down cake for pudding."

"Note - All the veg is home-grown and Certified Organic. The burgers are bought, but only because we have run out of our own Organic steak. Will have to put another bullock in the deep freeze soon. No, we don't eat this every night. Richard Becker, Llanidloes, Powys"

From Paul Conboy: "Hello PM. Here's my tea. Soused Mackrel straight out of the oven. Making you hungry? Not too convinced that the act of snapping this will make me eat less. If anything will help someone with weight problems think more carefully about what they're about to eat, surely a couple of hours in a hot kitchen lovingly crafting a fine fresh meal should do the trick....? Right. Off to make pudding..."

"Eddie, this is spaghetti bolognese (my recipe) with homemade raspberry wine.
David McNickle, St Albans"

And finally for now: Anthony Coon writes: "OK, this is my tea. So what?"


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