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Eddie Mair | 12:42 UK time, Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hilly Fletcher sends these: "We sometimes have very unusual dinners in our house!" We believe you Hilly.

This arrived from Yuckywellies: "I grew the beans and potatoes myself, which is why it took a year in the making.
The cassoulet was made and frozen a while ago. With yoghurt and maple syrup for dessert, and a homemade ginger-nut, it was very tasty, and well worth the effort in preparation - while listening to PM of course."

"Hi! These are my three fresh sardines cooking in the pan for my evening meal. I served them with some fresh tomatoes. Bon appetit! Jake - France"

"In response to your request, a picture of our meal, evening of Sept.4th. Vegetables from our allotment. John & Jan Kay"

"I was just dishing this up when you asked for photos of food. It is home-made beef cobbler (with kidney beans and sweetcorn and a herby topping), mashed potato, cauliflower (with cheese sauce) and home grown runner beans. This was my husband's plate, my portion was just slightly smaller. It was delicious. Kathy Thomas"

"This is my pasta sauce. I've already eaten the pasta. Gala Baldacci, age 5"

"Capunti pasta with roasted cauliflower, red peppers and pesto of walnuts, parsley and coriander with grated Romano cheese. Side of tuma dla paja (a sheep cheese) with oven-roasted tomatoes and potato-rosemary bread. 2% milk. MacBook Pro. By Susanne Capano, Drayton Park, London"

"Here's my wife's home made chicken casserole. Bob Delamare"

"I was putting dinner out for my wife and I at 5 pm, Squid Risotto. Mike Greetham".

"This was my dinner tonight: potatoes, runner beans, beetroot and tomatoes all off my allotment; chicken from the Co-op; windfall apples; and Yeo Valley yogurt, only 65p from Wilkinson (must be a mistake, but don't tell them!). Vieve Forward"

This "shows the product of my wife's first year of allotment gardening: stuffed marrow with mashed potatoes and french beans. Ray Hewitt"

"You asked for a picture of dinner on Thursday 4 September. Here it is - I'm a local newspaper reporter and was in a hurry to get to a town council meeting."

From Frank Cartwright.

"I just heard Anthony W-T commenting on peoples dinner pics. Well here is my Friday night treat - it's not what I eat regularly but I just enjoy it once in a while. It's a lean steak - yes I cut off the fat you can see in the pic.to keep the cholesterol down. I ration myself to chips once or at most twice a week. I love veg. and this is a small portion of veg. compared to my usual dinner. Its broccoli, which I have every day, together with sweet corn. It goes so well with a glass of Ozzie red wine ! Barry Silcock"

"Pasta with creamy smoked salmon, courgette and mushroom sauce (and veg). Michael and Frances Attenborough"

"The menu was: Homemade vegetable soup with croutons, Smoked salmon bagel,
Pineapple and grapes, Glass of red wine. Cup of tea, and it was all delicious. Yours,
Colin Jordan Chiswick, West London."

"Thursday - Meat and two veg. and three fruit smoothie- sweetcorn, meatballs in yoghurt, garlicky swiss chard (from garden), smoothie - preperation and cooking time 45 mins. Friday - meat curry (chicken or beef), one veg.(beans from garden), and 5 fruits (in home made smoothie) - preperation and cooking time 3 hours/ two day meal. Taina Shaw."

"Hi there Eddie. My husband made the tea with organic, locally reared beef and veg from the allotment. It was delicious! Best wishes, Katie Taylor"

"Hiya. What you see is what we got. PIE, Turkey and Mushroom PIE. Alastair Smith, Shipley, West Yorkshire"


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