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Eric Muir

Eddie Mair | 16:45 UK time, Wednesday, 3 September 2008

is a name I frequently use at the end of newsletters, checking into hotels, signing cheques etc. Its origin lies lost in the mists of time, when other members of a programme production team would tease me when people would phone up getting my name slightly wrong.

"I'm looking for Edward Muir". "Is Eric Mawer there?" "Eddie Muir?" "Can I speak to Edwin Mayer?" etc.

So I became Eric Muir. Then Dr Eric Muir. Then Sir Dr Professor Eric Muir and so it went on. Eric almost became another person. Perhaps he did.

Anyhoo - it's all been innocent fun and rightly, no-one has paid any attention...until this letter arrived from a well known charity inviting me to an event. Well, I say ME...



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