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Eddie Mair | 14:30 UK time, Friday, 19 September 2008

On Radio 4's The World at One today, they had an item about people with dementia. Baroness Warnock, who has a long history in the field of medical ethics, had suggested in a magazine interview that elderly dementia sufferers should be allowed to end their lives if they're a burden on the NHS and their relatives.

As it happens, there were a few problems during the item...and in the end, critics of the Baroness's views could be heard, but not the Baroness herself. baronesswarnock.JPG
Just after WATO went off air, we recorded an interview with the Baroness, which you can hear on the programme. People are already emailing in. If you want to add your comment, feel free. (By the way Baroness Warnock appeared in "The House I Grew Up In" on Radio 4 on Wednesday.

Here is Neil Hunt, the chief executive of the Alzheimers Society talking to Shaun Ley on The World at One: (just click on START)

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And here is Lady Warnock's PM interview - just click on START:

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