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The items which disappeared from today's PM

Marc | 18:43 UK time, Monday, 7 July 2008

One of the hazards of working on a live programme is that breaking news can sometimes get in the way of what was planned for the show.

It happened on today's PM, when the news of Simon Mann's conviction came at about 5.30

That meant that a number of items which we had already lined up, recorded and indeed trailed ahead to, had to be dropped.

But in this age of modern technology, there's no reason for those "lost" items never to see the light of day.

Here's the cue to the first, as written by CQ:

A woman in Peterborough has undergone knee surgery using only self hypnosis as anaesthetic. It's the third time that Bernadine Coady has used this method.

Ahmed Shair, a surgeon at the Orthopaedics and Spine specialist hospital in Peterborough who carried out the operation, spoke to PM after the procedure...

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And we were also going to run this item...but it too had to be dropped for coverage of Simon Mann's conviction:

Learning you're adopted can for some people prove an extremely unsettling and traumatic experience. Choosing the right moment to tell a child can be crucial. Imagine then having to explain to a youngster that they are the product of donated sperm. A Cambridge scientist has concluded - after a survey involving 165 offspring conceived by sperm donation that the earlier a child is told the better. The research was carried out by Dr Vasanti Jadva:

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