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Eddie Mair | 12:07 UK time, Tuesday, 10 June 2008

is preparing to vote on the EU Treaty. Yvonne Murray is there for PM and will report tonight. She's sent these photos and words:

"Some campaign posters on a lamp post in Dublin. Everywhere there's a YES poster, there's one for the NO side too. Irish voters don't know who to believe.

This is a rally outside the GPO on Saturday. The GPO was the scene of the Easter Rising in 1916 and the NO camp are linking the struggle for Irish independence with the Lisbon Treaty - saying Ireland's hard-won sovereignty will be compromised.

Here we see people out enjoying the sunshine in Stephen's Green in Dublin. It's really warm and sunny here this week which makes a change from the rain..I asked some of them how they were planning to vote on Thursday. Most hadn't made up their minds."

What do voters in Britain think? There is a new opinion poll from the BBC's Daily Politics programme:

64% think there should be a referendum on the EU Treaty of Lisbon with 26% saying the decision should be made by Parliament. The results of the poll will be published on BBC2's Daily Politics programme today at 12:00pm.

When asked how they would vote if the UK were to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty, 40% said against, 33% in favour with 27% saying they did not know.

The poll was conducted for BBC2's Daily Politics programme by ComRes. They spoke to 1,010 voters between 6th and 8th June.

Full Results
Q1. Some people argue that the EU Treaty of Lisbon should be subject to a referendum of all UK voters, while others say that the British Parliament ought to decide whether or not the UK ratifies the Treaty. Do you think the UK should hold a referendum, or do you think that Parliament should decide?

64% UK should hold a referendum
26% Parliament should decide
9% Don't know

Q2. If the UK were to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty of Lisbon, as will happen in Ireland on Thursday, do you think you would vote to accept the Treaty or reject it?

33% Accept
40% Reject
27% Don't know


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