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Eddie Mair | 11:57 UK time, Monday, 23 June 2008

The other day we got an email from someone passionate about renewable energy. As we often do, we suggested he post his comment on the blog. We thought you might be amused to read his reply:

"Thanks but no thanks. Blogs are used by nutters with axes to grind who can't spell. I repeat my comments below -- all the points are listed on the Costing the Earth website which I think has been got at by the government apparatchiks as later editions have taken the Politically Correct line. Your programme on Friday was a travesty of fairness as you gave the wind power developers a free run. When they say that a wind "farm" will provide power for 10,000 houses they forget to mention that is provided no-one switches on a kettle and that the wind is at gale force 8. Below that output drops on an exponential curve. So few people nowadays have much knowledge of physics that they can get away with any claims they like as most wouldn't know a kilowatt from an ampere if it was staring them in the face. I just want your programme and the others news reports on Radio 4 to be independant thinking and not to be agents of the government."


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