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Strawberry Fields for Nils.

Eddie Mair | 16:04 UK time, Thursday, 29 May 2008

The strawberry picking season in Britain is getting under way this week. Please think of your friends at PM if you have any left over.

The crop promises to be bumper one, but the strawberry growers are warning that some of their crop may end up rotting in the fields because Home office rules are making it hard to find enough pickers.

Our Business Correspondent Nils Blythe has been finding out more. You can hear his report in the programme tonight. Here he is at Langdon Manor Farm near Faversham in Kent...


... interviewing Marina Georgieva from Bulgaria who has been working in the strawberry fields of Kent for two years and expects to earn £3,000 during her six month contract

Alistair Brooks is owner of Langdon Manor Farm near Faversham in Kent - he fears that unless more labour is allowed into the UK much of his crop will remain unpicked.

Patryk Ulrich from Poland has worked at Langdon Manor Farm for 3 years but says that more and more of his friends are returning home

Workers under the polytunnels earn a basic of £5.53 an hour, this can be topped up to around £9 an hour if they pick the fruit fast


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