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Tin tin

Sequin | 10:09 UK time, Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Those tin cans were all fine and dandy but it's nice to be amongst humans again. Ed's away for the day so I'm here with Jeremy and Jasper thinking through what we can bring you on the programme today.

All of us listened to David Cameron on the Today prog this morning. Did you? We're wondering about pursuing something on "punch and judy politics". Mr C says he quickly realised that he had to be "robust" at PMQs when dealing with Gordon Brown. That's despite pledging at the start of his leadership that he'd put an end to the bun throwing and insult chucking at PMQs.

Do you think pmqs needs to be combattive? Is it impossible to have mature debate? Is it really just entertainment? Do you feel disappointed if one of the parties doesn't get well and truly duffed up during the exchanges?

Am thinking aloud. Better do some work now.

Speak later,



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