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Hundreds of years ago

Eddie Mair | 10:17 UK time, Monday, 14 April 2008

when the blog was just a boy (or girl), the woman in charge was one Lissa. Marvellous person. She made us what we are today and I still miss her.

I assumed she was dead, but it turns out she's not! Look! Annasee dropped us this email yesterday:

"Thought you might like to see these pics of your erstwhile colleague Lissa doing the "Kinder Downfall " (that's the name of a waterfall in the Peak District, btw) race today. She was absolutely brilliant. Not so much "Queen of the Blog" as "Queen of the Bog" these days.

300 people race madly around the fells for 10 miles, & return to Hayfield village in a scarily short time.See the state of their legs afterwards? (None of the legs shown are hers, in case you were wondering. The girls generally seemed to come back cleaner than the blokes, we noticed - it must be a macho thing to plunge into the mud at top speed)"

What has become of her! Well done Lissa. x


Jack and Vera yesterday.


Pissed again.


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