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Elephant in the room.

Eddie Mair | 13:53 UK time, Thursday, 6 March 2008

Blogsy has sent me this:


Among the emails we've had:

"In Chinese chess (xiangqi) it can be tactically advantageous to put an elephant or two in the palace if you have either lost your ministers or you don't feel they offer sufficient protection to a general under attack.

Martin Campbell"

"Eric - I AM the elephant in the room but the smell is nothing to do with me. trust me, I'm a white elephant. "

Michael Fagan writes:

"Elephants in the room. I work in the zoo. I constantly have elephants in the room one, two five they are really no bother as long as you keep them well fed on buns and keep the mice out."

Wolf wonders: "Could two birds be killed with one stone, and the problem be solved by eating the Elephant?"

and there was this: " Dear Sir Eric, I look forward to show time, {don't forget to have a handy source of empty washing up bottles, sellotape and the much loved sticky back plastic, after all you may need to create somewhere to put your pens and paperclips at short notice during the show." from Simon.



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