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Eddie Mair | 06:54 UK time, Saturday, 23 February 2008

in the extensive surveying, research and polling carried out by the marketing people - and of course the expensive outside consultants - one theme comes up again and again in relation to the BBC's Blogs. People want more pictures of buffalo.

And so today we give you what you clearly want. As well as a link to our old buffalo caption "competition", Hugh says:

"Here are some photographs from the buffalo farm featured on PM on Friday.

There is a pilot plant at the farm, to convert buffalo manure into gas for generating electricity - with organic fertiliser as a by-product. Shaukat Mukhtar, joint secretary of the Karachi Dairy Farmers Association and Robert Orr, international development director of the British biogas company Hirad at Mr. Mukhtar's farm in Landhi, near Karachi. They are standing in fornt of the pilot manure-processing plant.

Shaukat Mukhtar with one of his 450 buffalo.

Anarchic outflow from a Landhi buffalo farm. There are four hundred thousand buffalo in Landhi.

Landhi children on a bridge over a stream of buffalo waste. At Mr. Mukhtar's farm, the ratio is forty buffalo to each farm worker, who has to milk them by hand twice a day.

These are battery buffalo, who have never seen a blade of live grass in their lives. They eat dry feed, from concrete troughs to which they are chained.

Lorries deliver the feed. They return empty. If the project is successful, the lorries could return to the grasslands carrying much needed organic fertiliser, one of the by-products of extracting methane from the buffalo manure.

Buffalo in the 'exercise yard'."

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised by these photos of buffalo, call the Radio 4 Action Line.


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