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Kosovo flags:

Eddie Mair | 10:55 UK time, Wednesday, 13 February 2008

PM listeners are nothing if not inventive. After our item last night we got this from Giles Rocholl:


and then there was this from Kevin McCarthy who wrote that we "seemed keen to receive non-nationalistic suggestions (i.e. those that avoided the Albanian Eagle) that might yet be accepted by the multi-national Kosavan citizens. Since small nations are always keen to show the world that they can indeed play a significant role, especially within their own continent, then perhaps a flag along the lines of the following might be one option…"


THURSDAY UPDATE: This arrives from Lewis Kerr:

"I don't think they'll buy this, but how about:

The conjoined Albanian eagle separated down the middle, one talon, representing the EU and America, the other representing Serbia and Russia, tearing the map of Kosovo in two. The emerging gap reveals the national pastime, a Kosovar twirling a cigarette pack while drinking strong coffee.

P.S twirling a cigarette pack is more difficult than you would think, but you become expert when you have time to spare."


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