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The future of PM.

Eddie Mair | 11:37 UK time, Friday, 25 January 2008

Thinking caps on please - we're going to be serious for a moment.

Tomorrow, as many people as we can muster from our department will take part in an awayday. People from PM, BH, The World at One, Broadcasting House, iPM and The World This Weekend will all be there, thinking big thoughts about our programmes.

We're not sure this has been tried before but would you like to take part, in a virtual, bloggy way?

With regard to PM, all areas will be up for discussion. What are we getting right? Where does it go wrong? You might want to think in particular about how we engage with our audience. Dunno. I don't want to force your thinking down a particular path.

Among the things on the formal agenda, a research manager will talk to us about our changing audience. A senior Radio 4 figure will talk about the network and its ambitions for our future.

But I just wondered what you thought. Big thoughts about big things maybe...the nature of news, its delivery in the modern age blah blah...or more detailed stuff about where headlines go and the stories we choose.

The floor is yours.


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