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Naming and shaming Roger Sawyer.

Eddie Mair | 15:51 UK time, Friday, 11 January 2008

Friday letters means that throughout the afternoon, PM production staff troupe in and out of studio S1, where I am logged in ready for the programme, to record "voice-ups" for the slot.

It has become traditional that the PM editor, Mr Roger Sawyer, sends out spoof messages in my name via our "enps" system while he's in recording his bit. Once, one of his diatribes made it into Media Guardian, who understandably thought the rant was from me. It was, after all in character.

Today, Roger, who is compiling our entries for the Sony awards at the moment, sent this out:

"Let's get this straight...If we win a Sony this year, it's all down to me. If we don't, it's YOUR fault. And I will tell everyone as much. Be sure to leak this enps to media guardian."

Clearly, revenge is a dish best served cold. Besides this post, which will make him go bright red...what else can I plan against him?


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