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Hello from the PM Awayday!

Eddie Mair | 13:42 UK time, Saturday, 26 January 2008

We are here at a Central London location.


We arrived around 9, and heard a presentation on who our audiences are...as you can see this is about more than PM...


Here are some of the people listening to that...


Then we heard from a former Big Boss at the BBC who has been listening critically to our programmes for us in recent weeks. Some useful criticism. He, and the other chap who talked about audiences, both cited the PM blog, and the comments on our "future of PM" thread. So trust me, the feedback there is being used in our discussions here.

The boss of Radio 4 has arrived during this lunch hour and will speak to us shortly.


I can assure you that so far these still all contain water.

More to come later. We'll also hear Rupert talk about iPM, and all the different programme groups will feedback their ideas. I was on the PM group, along with Carolyn, Roger, Hugh and others. Some interesting thoughts. One PM regular item looks like it's for the chop....but we'll see.


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