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Eddie Mair | 14:26 UK time, Thursday, 17 January 2008

Here's the draft intro for a piece we're doing tonight:

"Gordon Brown wants to build 10 new "eco-towns" on brownfield sites across the UK, each containing 20,000 houses. One of the models for these new developments, is the Swedish town of Hammarby Sjostod, just south of Stockholm. It's an example of high-density, low-carbon housing, where your own waste can power your car, cook your food and heat your home. Fortunately, they clean it first. For PM, Yvonne Murray reports from Stockholm."

And Yvonne sends this for the Blog:

"here's a picture of the lake, around which Stockholm's eco-town is built. It's part of the Baltic Sea, so it's very cold standing beside it. In the foreground is the little ferry boat which takes residents across to downtown Stockholm. The developers say it's a nice social experience to take the ferry to work. Sorry about the quality of the pic, I'm waiting for Gillian to furnish me with a brand-new mega-pixel camera phone..."

Gillian runs our entire office and I'm sure will look on this request favourably.



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