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Some Christmas hangovers...

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Eddie Mair | 09:32 UK time, Monday, 31 December 2007

Jonnie sends this:

"Some of the panto cast have adorned it with their presents beneath. I couldn't find my camera but the prince (Tim Bonser) helped out with his. We lit the candles and turned off the electric ones. In reality it looked very ethereal. To preserve my photographic reputation, I didn't however take the picture."

And now I am back in the office, Frances O, I had another pop at the four snaps you sent but still can only get one of them to work. Sorry! Frances wrote:

"Hi, Chris, Eddie and all, Here are some advent pics. I've just been on a four-day digital photography course. One of our projects was to shoot objects important to us in unusual places. I took a favourite party dress to a rather grand Adam-ceilinged room not so far from BH.

It soon took a fancy to the Christmas tree..


PS: We never did get on to how to send images... I've tried to make them a smaller size. Please be patient with me!"


  1. At 10:46 AM on 31 Dec 2007, Val P wrote:

    Lovely dress, but I have an urge to straighten up the pictures in the background.....

  2. At 11:07 AM on 31 Dec 2007, stewart m wrote:

    I think the pictures looked off line due to the Zoom on the camera. Can't comment on the dress being a bloke etc.

    And I still want to know if Jonnie did a full risk assessment prior to putting candles on the tree ;-)

  3. At 01:26 PM on 31 Dec 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Stewart (2)

    I did answer you -- honest --


  4. At 01:55 PM on 31 Dec 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Oh, Eddie, you are heroic! I just hope it was worth the hard work. Anyway, thank you.

    Thank you, too, Val, and I'm sure Stewart is right about the zoom. Very very early days for me with my digicam, but I'm determined to learn.

    Was that Eric muttering something like "oh, dear"?

    And I do love your tree, jonnie.

    Many happies, all, for 2008. I've got bronchitis (yippee!) so no cavorting for me tonight.

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