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Happy with your broadband speed?

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Eddie Mair | 09:23 UK time, Thursday, 20 December 2007

As you may know, iPM has been talking about this for weeks, and now Ofcom would like to hear from YOU. More details here.


  1. At 09:53 AM on 20 Dec 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Broad-band speed?

    Are we talking about how fast the Spice girls are?

  2. At 09:57 AM on 20 Dec 2007, Carl wrote:

    8MB/s with Sky BB for me equates to something around a quarter of that speed, and then only in the good times, but then speed is not so much the issue. The number of interruptions to service, I guess through the appaulling contention problems in peak is what makes it all hard to bear. In the past year the number of wireless devices 'seen' by my laptop from my house has gone from 3 to 12,and if they are all downloading big chunks of data, then my poor old piece of copper cabling is going to.. well give up.. and it does several times a day. Listening to internet radio, the programme disappears, sometimes the router needs a reboot or windows diagnostics to recover the internet connection. 8 til midnight is sheer hell. Broadband is stressed at the best of times, but then unlike large chunks of Europe, our copper infrastructure is shot! I haven't even got a master socket.

  3. At 10:54 AM on 20 Dec 2007, madmary wrote:

    I get loads of interruptions in service and when I phone the BT helpline they always try to blame my equipment! It's so obvious that it's their service. The phone calls cost a bomb and they take you through the same old routine re rebooting, firewalls etc. There is a menu which takes nearly five minutes to get through.


    BTW I have no idea whether my download speeds are OK. I don't download much anyway.


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