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50 years old....

Sequin | 09:48 UK time, Friday, 26 October 2007

Not me. Yet. But the Today programme - the 50th anniversary is on Sunday. As you may know I am - in current BBC parlance a 'cross platform presenter' - which frankly sounds a bit painful - but means that when the photographer came round just now to take a picture of The Today Presenters I had to get into the shot. As far as I know the pix are destined for the Sunday papers - but if I can get hold of one earlier I'll publish it .

There's a birthday cake around here somewhere which we'll try to dig into later.

The Blog Prince is looking a little cheerier this morning ... hope you're feeling the same.


  1. At 10:29 AM on 26 Oct 2007, vyle hernia wrote:

    I passed that milestone years ago... don't think there's a photo to mark the occasion, though.

  2. At 10:45 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    Oh, go on, buck the trend: celebrate the birthday *on the birthday*! Don't have the cake three days early, and if anyone has sent presents don't open them early either. Content youreslves with having Christmas already (only two months before the day itself).

  3. At 10:49 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Gladys Friday wrote:

    I remember once having a lovely pair of cross platform presenters.

  4. At 11:16 AM on 26 Oct 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    It is a lot cheerier isn't it! Are you sure its a birthday cake and not a wahey-the-blog-is-back cake?

  5. At 11:26 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    And some of us , sometimes, are cross blog contributors...Grrrr!

    "If a camel flies, no one laughs if it doesn't get very far."
    -- Paul White
    Fri Oct 26 11:29:43 BST 2007

  6. At 11:30 AM on 26 Oct 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    Fifty passed me a couple of years ago but I didn't make the Sundies.

    Mind you I did have to cross platfoms at Birmingham New Street once to catch the Glasgow train.

    And don't tell me the Blog Prince has finially upgraded from the ZX81 to a BBC Micro Model B+?


  7. At 11:37 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Electric Dragon wrote:

    The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie!

  8. At 11:41 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Testing testing 11.41

    Fifi L'Unconvincée

  9. At 11:41 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Cross Platform Presenter wrote:

    Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Platforms 13 and 14 which normally serve the South East . . . For goodness sake! I'm not standing up here, doing my bit if you lot are going to talk amongst yourselves and not listen. Right? Oi! You at the back, sit down! That's better!

    OK, we'll try again. Platforms 13 & 14 were added to the station concourse in 1972 as the expansion of the . . . . No, I said earlier that I'll take questions at the end! You would have heard that if you'd been listening!

    Now, where was I? . . .

  10. At 11:43 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    That all depends -- is it working? If so, yes, I'll be cheerier. If not, what's up with him? Has he gone native? -- The other natives having accepted the blog's intransigence many moons ago, that is...

  11. At 11:57 AM on 26 Oct 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    Well I'm only 40 ust a bit older than radio 4.

    As a child I remember Brain Redhead on the morning radio. He did present Today didn't he?


  12. At 12:30 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    "The Blog Prince is looking a little cheerier this morning ..."

    Carolyn, that's because it's Friday and he can mentally switch off from the 502 drama in a few hours, I suspect ;o)

  13. At 12:44 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    oh my, does David Howard have a crystal ball? Lookit that strapline!

    "PM: Suddenly, the day makes sense"

  14. At 12:50 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Have I got cause to feel a little cheerier.....?

  15. At 12:56 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Whey-hey!!!!!!!! Indeed I do!!!!!! I'm so cheery I may even get dressed now!!!!!

  16. At 01:07 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    So Today is 10 years and a day older than me! And, it shares a birthday with Julia Roberts too....

  17. At 01:17 PM on 26 Oct 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    Gillian (15)

    you should have joined me down on the Beach a while ago!

  18. At 01:42 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    FF I note that so far Today haven't done an interview with Ms Roberts. Or is that the biggy for Tomorrow or Monday. Or is it to be a special on Sundays BH?

  19. At 02:14 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    FF I note that so far Today haven't done an interview with Ms Roberts. Or is that the biggy for Tomorrow or Monday. Or is it to be a special on Sundays BH?

  20. At 02:28 PM on 26 Oct 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Hooray! Today is 50, tomorrow is Saturday and Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.

    Good work NBP Marc and the techie team for nursing the Blog back onto its flippers!

    Re: the newsletter...

    I'm sorry Carolyn, but I can't get excited about the news that a Labour peer has connections with arms dealers. The BAe/Saudi corruption trial being dropped told us everything we needed to know about the influence the arms trade has on modern politics and vice versa.

    If you wanted to do an interesting piece in that vein, how about listing ministers who have left politics and gone more-or-less straight into a high-paid job in the same area they had ministerial responsibility for. It might take up the whole programme though. Here's one to get you started:

    Malcolm Rifkind, ex-Defence Secretary is now a director of ArmorGroup - which amongst its various "defence" roles is one of the larger mercenary - sorry - private security firms working in Iraq.

    Anyone know any others off the top of their head?

  21. At 02:38 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Gillian wrote:

    DIWyman(17) I was overdressed for a trip to the beach - sadly, the weight of my long nightie and fleecy dressing-gown would have been an encumbrance, and I'm wary of those jellyfish!

  22. At 02:38 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Frances O wrote:

    CPP, I loved that (9).

    Or is it something like this:

    "Blimey, ever since they sold Television Centre and moved BBC News to Earls Court tube station I can never get my script fini... Yes, OK, I'll move across to platform 2 to let the passengers off. Just don't touch the laptop. We go live in 10.

    Anyway. Ahem. Level still OK? Great.

    Good evening, and welcome to the BBC News Minute on Radio 4, on the hour every two hours. Lord Livingstone, the outgoing London Mayor, today pledged - Ow! Get off! Can't you see I'm presenting a live programme? Better move back to platform 1.

    Pledged to raise the capital from the rising waters of the Thames with the help of hot air expelled from the now half-submerged Houses of Parliament..."

  23. At 02:50 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    So eddie won't get his hands on this years golden joystick!? Seequins got that pleasure.

    I suspect I may have to have a naughty corner trip!

  24. At 03:04 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Happy nearly birthday Fearless :-)

  25. At 03:20 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Rachel G wrote:

    Tiptoes in carefully...

    So glad my very grumpy email yesterday has cheered up Marc. I do hope that being a crossdressing presenter or whatever makes your job more secure in this multiterminus age. Has the Today programme applied for early retirement yet?

  26. At 03:30 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Carolyn Quinn wrote:

    Maybe I am merely a "platform presenter" who happens to be cross?

  27. At 04:33 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    :)) Thanks, Appy! I'll be bringing a bottle or two to the Beach on monday for those who want to join me....

  28. At 07:24 PM on 26 Oct 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Cat (20);
    The list is endless.

    Major was way up in the bunch that bought the Defence Research establishments at a knock-down price, Carlyle Group.

    And don't just concentrate on the politicos, look at the string of former high-ranking military officers too.

    And it's not just defence. One current Govt minister and peer used to own a biotech company which gave a large cash sum to Labour. Strangely the firm won a contract to supply inoculations to the NHS, despite being inferior to the competition and the bloke was ennobled swiftly thereafter.

    They all do it, every part of the political and business spectrum.


  29. At 02:21 PM on 27 Oct 2007, Charlie wrote:

    Congratulations PM...

    Sequin, own up! celebrate your own "Big Number Day" tomorrow as well...

    Well, the way our world is going, we none of us may see the following develop fully, although, as I'm a "...dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creature...", I can testify the split's already started...


    Human species 'may split in two'

    Humanity may split into two sub-species in 100,000 years' time as predicted by HG Wells, an expert has said.

    Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics expects a genetic upper class and a dim-witted underclass to emerge.

    The human race would peak in the year 3000, he said - before a decline due to dependence on technology.

    People would become choosier about their sexual partners, causing humanity to divide into sub-species, he added.

    The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative and a far cry from the "underclass" humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures."

  30. At 07:53 PM on 27 Oct 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Charlie, thanks for the link.

    It seems to me to be bad news for blokes, since they will have "squarer jaws" while "chins would recede". Most unattractive.

    But, hey, I'm just a C21st gal. What do I know?

    2nd time lucky, and then I can't be faffed to bother again.

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