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We have been paperless

Eddie Mair | 10:15 UK time, Thursday, 13 September 2007

for the last two programmes and you know what, I think it's working.

My breathing is better, the weather is more pleasant, and there's more MPG.

BTW: remember our report last week from Congo? Our intrepid reporter is back and may well have something for the Blog a bit later.


  1. At 10:28 AM on 13 Sep 2007, Joe Palooka wrote:


    The paperless office will become a reality about the same time as the paperless toilet.

  2. At 10:31 AM on 13 Sep 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    And when are you changing the light bulbs? Or how about a windmill to power the Transmitter? Would that make DAB sound like LW?

  3. At 10:33 AM on 13 Sep 2007, iBigSis wrote:

    How good to hear that these changes mean that Eddie's doing his bit for the planet, and with positive benefits for him too. Though, quite how it's affected his breathing I don't know - Less anxiety? Not having to bend the neck?

    Miles per gallon .... Hm. Would that be the coffee consumption? ;o)

  4. At 10:54 AM on 13 Sep 2007, Carl wrote:

    Paperless?! Fools! It'll all go 'tits up' you watch.
    We did it here and within months were back to good ol' filing cabinets, printers and notepads. You'll be telling us next you dispensing with your filofaxes!! Crazy.

  5. At 10:56 AM on 13 Sep 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I hope you haven't just jinxed yourself, Eddie. After all, it's usually after saying something like that that everything collapses at the more inappropriate time. Do you have backup plans in place in case of a system crash at 5:03pm?

  6. At 11:27 AM on 13 Sep 2007, David McNickle wrote:

    I have also gone paperless. When I want to print something, I run my arm through the printer. I tell people it is a tattoo.

  7. At 11:56 AM on 13 Sep 2007, iDI Wyman wrote:

    i am currently working in a paperless office as well........the printer has died and no one can come out and fix it today.

    Fortunatley our bathrooms are not paperless yet but there are rumours of us 'going Roman' with sponges on sticks.......!


  8. At 01:01 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    A man whose parrot could speak told it to instruct the coalman to put 10 cwt of coal in the coal-house and lock the door behind him. On completing the task, the coalman said, "You're a very clever parrot, being able to speak so well." "Yes, and I can count too. You've only left 9 bags," said the parrot.

    Where did I read that - Meccano Magazine?

  9. At 02:02 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Carl (4)

    Although I consider Political Correctness to be a curse of our time, I think your expression about inverted cows was unnecessarily sexist.

  10. At 02:28 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    VH @ 8 -- good grief, Meccano Magazine! Do you realise that you have just proved some aphorism or something? Nobody had mentioned MM for *years*, and now I see the name twice in three days.

    I've been using my time while I am supposed to rest a bit on proof-reading and editing my father's Memoirs (440 A4 pages!) and he waxes lyrical about Meccano Magazine as an educational tool when he was a child in London between the wars. Since it seems that the schools he was at taught him practically nothing until he reached the sixth form, the copies of MM that his mother had bound for his Christmas present every year, after he'd got each issue as it came out, must have been far more important to him than anything people buy now, by the sound of it.

    (Told this was malicious about an hour ago, I am reposting; this means that the original will have showed up by the time that this does, on previous form...)

  11. At 03:12 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Eric, you can probably get a nice set of free wine glasses if you trade in your saved carbon in the Pointless European Carbon Trading Scheme.

    Or are you saving up for the decanters?


  12. At 03:26 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Fif (11) Is it the PECTS that are making his breathing better?

  13. At 04:21 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Brian Christley wrote:

    Why didn’t someone tell Zac Goldsmith and John Gummer that most recycling bins are located in supermarket car parks or do they want us to take our bottles, tins and paper there on the bus or on the back of our bicycles?

  14. At 04:23 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Brian Christley wrote:

    Like the war in Iraq the first casualty of climate change is the truth the second is the Tory party.

  15. At 04:25 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Brian Christley wrote:

    Most traditional Labour party policies were dreamed-up in smoke-filled-rooms, it seems that Cameron’s green policies were also dreamed-up in smoke-filled-rooms – the only difference is that the labour smoke was from tobacco.

  16. At 04:27 PM on 13 Sep 2007, David McNickle wrote:

    Vyle (9),
    Hey, men got tits as well.

  17. At 04:32 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    Can you also please explain, as I am wont to forget, the difference between 'Congo' and the 'Democratic Republic of the Congo', which are two different countries - and I can never remember what they 'used to be known as'..

    On a lighter note, does anyone no in which of these countries they really do drink 'Um Bongo' ??

  18. At 04:59 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Eric, you can probably get a nice set of free wine glasses if you trade in your saved carbon in the Pointless European Carbon Trading Scheme.

    Or are you saving up for the decanters?


  19. At 06:02 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Chris Boswell wrote:

    Its easy to go paperless, we have been for a couple of years more or less - just takes a little organisation.

    We only use two laser printers and they spend most of their time switched off. So we don't only save paper we save energy as well. Good job too as I hear bad things about toner particles getting into the air and the damage they can do to your lungs - probably got this from an R4 story but I don't remember which one, although I do remember the stats suggesting that coming into contact with toner particles might be worse for you than smoking. I'd smoke a cigarette rather than inhaling toner any day, but don't get me onto the smoking ban as the veins on my forehead will start to pulse.

  20. At 07:30 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    Brian Christley @ 13, I haven't had to take any rubbish for recycling to the bins outside a supermarket for some time now.

    I think the Tory people may be hoping that all councils will follow the example set by eg Bristol and collect bottles, tins and paper once a week from outside our houses, along with BT yellow pages as a separate item, aluminium foil, aerosol cans, engine oil, ordinary batteries, old shoes in pairs, car batteries, cardboard, cloth, spectacles, and food rubbish for composting and garden refuse ditto. Oh, and they are prepared to come and fetch old furniture.

    The only thing they don't come and collect for me is plastic, in fact, and no special journey is needed to take that to the supermarket, which is where it came from in the first place.

    Discussion about the smell of the compost-bins is a different matter, but it really isn't impossible for rubbish to be collected rather than hauled about the countryside by the people who created it.

  21. At 07:42 PM on 13 Sep 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Hey, how come you can all say "tits" but I couldn't say "t*sser" (with the asterisk) on Tuesday?

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