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An interview we did on Monday

Eddie Mair | 10:34 UK time, Wednesday, 19 September 2007

gets a bit of coverage today - in Jeff Randall's column in the Daily Telegraph...

"IF your faith in finance ministers is unshaken, listen again to Monday's Eddie Mair interview with Andy Burnham, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, on Radio 4's... PM programme. Asked why the Government doesn't guarantee 100pc of all bank deposits, Burnham, who sounded completely out of his depth, replied that it would be "the wrong thing'' for politicians to get involved "in that way''. Less than an hour later, Darling wrote a blank cheque."

On another topic....as you know we went "paperless" on PM the other day. No scripts printed. Rainforests saved. Marvellous. I still grab a notebook to scribble things down on. This is the main page for last night's programme, unedited from a torrid hour of broadcasting.


Serial killer or WHAT?


  1. At 11:03 AM on 19 Sep 2007, ivegotanasbo wrote:

    Yesterday, listening to those rational kids on teachers etc compared with that unimaginative 'chippy' teachers' rep, was fantastic. I wonder why you don't include young people's views on all items more often on BBC new programmes. On the behaviour of teachers: Here's an example: last week, i had reason to go into Fortismere school in 'leafy Muswell Hill' North London. It was around 8.45am. On the gate was a foul mothed teacher loudly abusing each young person ( apparently late at 8.45) as they cowed past him through the gate. I was so shocked I said that it was an extremely bad example to the kids and he had better watch out in case he gets a heart attack. He then started to abuse me!!! I just wonder what he does in the 'privacy' of his own class!! No wonder so many kids bunk off school. I think that all children including latecomers should be greeted with a hand shake and a cheerful word - everyone responds to good manners and kindness. someone said: " we learn how to be rude from our teachers in school" . I think they call it discipline (sic)!

  2. At 11:04 AM on 19 Sep 2007, Willy Tert wrote:


    A serial killer does have fibre.

  3. At 11:11 AM on 19 Sep 2007, Carl wrote:

    Not 'quite' paperless then! Is the timing scribble for 'sound of summer' to the pips? If so I can't work it out. Shame you couldn't get Linda Ronstadt.

  4. At 11:26 AM on 19 Sep 2007, Humph wrote:

    But where are the doodles?


  5. At 11:38 AM on 19 Sep 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Be afraid, Marc, be very afraid!!!

  6. At 11:44 AM on 19 Sep 2007, iBig Sis wrote:

    Eddie (or should that be 'Linda'): I think you've got an identity crisis here.

    Are you now going to auction this page off on EB*y?

  7. At 11:47 AM on 19 Sep 2007, Jolly Gilly wrote:

    Serial killer???? If so, you're the Prisoner in Disguise!

  8. At 12:02 PM on 19 Sep 2007, iBig Sis wrote:

    No, Jolly Gilly, he's Linda Ronstadt - It must be true, cos Eddie wrote it ;o)

  9. At 12:06 PM on 19 Sep 2007, The New Blog Prince aka Marc wrote:

    FF @ 5 - I have been for some while before now...

  10. At 12:10 PM on 19 Sep 2007, Karen wrote:

    I see worse on a daily basis. Not bad enough to be a consultant!

  11. At 12:14 PM on 19 Sep 2007, Mermaid (until now JB but I fancy a change) wrote:

    Is the hole in the desk the inkwell?

  12. At 12:45 PM on 19 Sep 2007, Perky wrote:

    Interesting that you scribble in capitals, Eddie.

    I'm sure that tells us something deep and dark about you; but as I've just drawn a small alien with big ears on my own copywriter's notepad, I don't think I'm in any position to judge ;)

  13. At 12:50 PM on 19 Sep 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    When I arrived late at school (about 9:15 and they were all filing back into school from the gymnasium/hall/dining room) the Headmaster walked up to me and said, "Nice of you to come, Harvey!" Sadly, his sarcasm was rather lost on me.

  14. At 12:50 PM on 19 Sep 2007, Pirate ibBig Sis wrote:

    Perky: Could it be that Eddie has to complete lots of forms?

    Eddie: Could it be that you have to complete lots of forms?

  15. At 01:59 PM on 19 Sep 2007, ivegotanasbo wrote:

    re the 'bank run' and us taxpayers having to underwrite dodgy moneylenders' bad practices, Could Eddie ask why the banks and finance institutions are not forced to have their own fund to guarantee bank customers' deposits against 'crooks' in their industry? Don't lawyers and travel agents have to do this? thanks

  16. At 04:14 PM on 19 Sep 2007, mac wrote:

    Eddie interviewing Burnham was excellent, brilliant.

    But today the FTSE is almost back to 6,500, the number the BBC was telling us it would certainly not fall below (!) when the 'correction' began - at around 6,700!!! - a few weeks ago.

    I swear Eddie is the only thing standing between the BBC and privatisation, if Jeff Randall's mob ever get back in.

  17. At 06:21 PM on 19 Sep 2007, mittfh wrote:

    So, if you're really Linda Ronstadt, when did you have the gender reassignment (ch)op? :D

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