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No PM preview today -

Eddie Mair | 12:04 UK time, Thursday, 2 August 2007

the workshops were full.

I can offer you the front page of the Evening Standard, one of London's evening papers.



  1. At 12:24 PM on 02 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    .......Obese people 'Just Greedy'..seagulls are not always the answer, says.......

    ....am I close?

  2. At 12:31 PM on 02 Aug 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    News from the Wall Street Journal on the nature of the New Arrangements expected from the new owner, Mr Murdoch.

    If the link above requires a subscription, try my namelink.


  3. At 12:36 PM on 02 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    From The London Evening Standard ....


    Obese people are often simply greedy and should not always be treated with pills, the head of the British Medical Association has said. Dr Hamish Meldrum believes an obsession with medical labels may be stopping overweight people addressing their own problems..

    Well I have to say I tend to agree ?

  4. At 12:51 PM on 02 Aug 2007, silver-fox wrote:

    Obesity is really widespread.

  5. At 12:54 PM on 02 Aug 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Hamish Meldrum - Is he Victor's brother?

  6. At 12:59 PM on 02 Aug 2007, Joe Palooka wrote:

    Take a pill for girth control.

  7. At 01:00 PM on 02 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    jonnie (3)

    thanks for that.....but i think mine was better?!!

    ..you can't beat a good seagull..

    ttfn......shagpastie elicious........init?

  8. At 02:15 PM on 02 Aug 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Theres some sense in what he says about labels and things being over medicalised (what a great word) and certainly some peoples eating habits leave a lot to be desired. I was reaching the point where I would have been termed obese so changed my diet and lost 3 1/2 stone. No pills, no surgery.

    For others there is a problem with hormones/genetic predipositions but in the majority I think perhaps not.

  9. At 02:28 PM on 02 Aug 2007, Paul wrote:

    The addictive properties of high levels of sugar and fat in cheap food is well documented. Obese people in most cases I'm sure would rather be in the position where they could (a) afford a decent diet. (b) not eat in order to relieve stress.

    The word greed in this context is grouping people according to a stereotype. There is a Psychological theory which states that on an evolutionary basis we don't consider other humans individually because we simply lack the time, perhaps what's really lacking in making such sweeping statement's is intelligence.

  10. At 02:30 PM on 02 Aug 2007, Susan Orty-Boyden wrote:


    I repeat myself when I am hungry, I repeat myself when I am hungry. I also have to exercise early in the morning before my brain works out what I am doing. :-)

  11. At 02:43 PM on 02 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    Joe (6)

    heh...heh.....I like it.....you naughty boy!

  12. At 03:02 PM on 02 Aug 2007, admin annie wrote:

    oh witchi that's a wonderful result. was it and special diet or did you just give up bad stuff like chocolate and eat worthy stuff like cabbage? this is a serious question...it amazes me that when we all know how to lose weight - eat less, eat better and do more exercise that it is so very difficult to do!

  13. At 03:20 PM on 02 Aug 2007, RJD wrote:

    silver-fox (4) - You're right again.

    There's a new study on obesity about to be carried out by the Royal London Hospital. They are currently establishing a large test group.

  14. At 03:38 PM on 02 Aug 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    AA - basically I was eating more than my body needed. Portions too large and sometimes eating too late in the day for my metabolism to do anything with it! So, more fruit and veg, no processed food, eating sensible portions at sensible times. Plus a little more exercise (do more now than I did then but staying the same weight, just fitter and more toned). And cut down on alcohol too. I'm not saying it was easy to start with but theres no way I could go back to the way I used to eat.

  15. At 05:51 PM on 02 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Witchi - And you look soooo slim !

  16. At 10:07 AM on 03 Aug 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Thanks Jonnie...its a big difference to my 12 and a bit stone days!

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