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It occurs to me that

Eddie Mair | 14:41 UK time, Friday, 3 August 2007

as we are at 47,400 comments...and we are a fortnight from our anniversary, perhaps - perhaps we might pass 50,000 before or even on the big day.


  1. At 02:56 PM on 03 Aug 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Looks like we've been frogging our little hearts out!

  2. At 03:02 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    Lots of activity expected from us then to get the Numbers up.

    At 50000 does the hard disk get full?

  3. At 03:02 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Little Miss Poppy wrote:

    Coooeee Eddie-lammy-pie

    I'm back. Oh, the music we could make Eddie! You on the tambourine and me on the triangle...a veritable cacophony of delights!

    But don't get me started on packaging, or the lack of 'seasonal' foods will you? It was demand, then supply and demand, which means that we can now have parsnips all year round, instead of just in the winter. By the same token, fresh lettuce with your prawn cocktail, in January...and they have to pack and pack and pack everything so that it stays FRESH.

    But, as I said, don't get me started on packaging. Mr Kipl1ng may make exceedingly good cakes, but his packing company must be absolutely RAKING it in, to name but one.

    So, I'm not starting, but I will go now. I think you might be right about the 50,000 target.


  4. At 03:23 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Peter Wharton wrote:

    A peerage for the 50,000th contributor and made Minister of Communications.

  5. At 03:31 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    So we can expect lots of short pointless remarks then just to get the numbers up?

  6. At 03:59 PM on 03 Aug 2007, mac wrote:

    ..and how many commentators?
    50 tops?

  7. At 04:16 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Anne P (5) Quite possibly!

  8. At 04:28 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Paul Gledhill wrote:

    re: Anne P. [5] Yes.

  9. At 04:35 PM on 03 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:


  10. At 04:35 PM on 03 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:


  11. At 04:55 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Paul (8) Snap!

  12. At 05:39 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Andy Lambert wrote:

    Ref: Foreign Languages.
    I was always told that the most important words to remember in any foreign language were 'Two beers please, my friend will pay.'

  13. At 06:05 PM on 03 Aug 2007, mrs Taylor wrote:

    The interviewee made me mad - cheap clothes will only last a season? That's the whole point! How else can Teens, low income and others appear fashionable? Even though I can afford it, I would not spend £30 + on a designer shirt which will get stained with suntan creams, spillages etc after one summer if I can buy a perfectly servicable one season version for under a fiver! As long as the textile workers are earning a living wage in reasonable conditions, i'm all for it!

  14. At 06:22 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Sid Cumberland wrote:

    Did someone say peerage? Yes please!

    Lord Sidney

  15. At 07:00 PM on 03 Aug 2007, madmary wrote:

    Do I get a prize if this is the 50,000th comment?


  16. At 07:07 PM on 03 Aug 2007, mittfh wrote:

    Have a word with Marc - see if you can compile a "league table" of froggers...

    Which of us have contributed the most to the 47k (or by the time you compile it, 50k)?

    Even better if you can plug the figures into a Calculator and work out average posts per day :)

  17. At 08:34 PM on 03 Aug 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    mrs Taylor @ 13, I think the point may be that many of the people who are making the cheap shirts for the UK and US markets are not earning a living wage, and are working in conditions that would quite spoil one's holiday if one saw them.

    I won't wreck everyone's weekend by expanding further on this subject. I just mention that in some places "sweated labour" is a misnomer: labour that isn't allowed to drink for eight or ten or twelve hours at a time so that sweat won't get on the garments is more accurate. That's one of the reasons I don't buy cheap silk garments.

  18. At 10:21 PM on 03 Aug 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Mittfth (16) - easy, that's Ed I!!

    But on a serious note, the 'celebration' has to have a twin pronged appeal. On the one hand (prong!) of course those of us who frog regularly would dearly love to celbratte, (or even celebrate) (maybe even with song, teeshirt, mug etc and let us froggers meet up if we want to, but thats something else)...

    But on the other hand, (prong), if it is to truely recognise the monumental achievemnets of this 'accidental' blog, i believe the 'celebrations ' could include regulars, lurchers, newcomers, and hopefully entice would-be bloggers onto this forum.

    Some of the most successful (in terms of numbers) of eddies ideas have been:

    window on your world
    Birdsong not Bongs
    postcards (?)

    so why not do an audio "your world through a keyhole" - and launch a request for PM listeners to record up to 60 seconds of their day on August the 17th (or which ever day it is) and send/email it in by the Bank Holiday Monday at the end of August - to be broadcast as a clip-edit-montage as a 'piece'.

    Yes, it is a mildly pointless thing, but it might provoke a responce and publicity!!

    Best wishes


  19. At 09:31 AM on 04 Aug 2007, Molly wrote:

    nikki-noodle 118
    that's a really really good idea!


  20. At 03:14 PM on 04 Aug 2007, Frances O wrote:

    n-n, it's a great idea, except - how do those of us without recording stuff do that?

    Unless we ring the PM studio and rattle on 'down the line'?

    And would they have the time?

  21. At 01:18 PM on 06 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    nn (18)

    hi.....just catching up with things after the wilderness of South Shropshire......I like the cut of your jib....damn splendid idea Sir.....

    ......how about the chimes of Big Ben for instance.......doh....


  22. At 01:35 PM on 06 Aug 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Frances O (20)

    The Windoze SoundRecorder allows up to 60 seconds to be recorded on your computer, provided you have some kind of microphone. Most recent laptops have a built-in mike...

  23. At 01:35 PM on 06 Aug 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    This thread has no real point, does it? Apart from getting the number up, that is...

  24. At 08:02 PM on 06 Aug 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    Appers, if it's a thread with no point, maybe we should give it one by putting it through a needle. I've got some darning I need to get done. :-)

  25. At 08:37 PM on 06 Aug 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Good idea Fishers.

  26. At 09:03 PM on 06 Aug 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    Appers, at least the end of the thread, the I of "It occurs to me that...", will be reasonably easy to get through the eye of a needle.

    Just think what problems we'd have had if it had been the picture that went with "An email arrived late on Friday which said..." that we had to deal with! :-)

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