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Is your comment in the right place?

Eddie Mair | 10:33 UK time, Friday, 24 August 2007

If you're new to the Blog it can seem a bit confusing. So we created a guide - FAQ - which you'll find on the right.

I mention this now because I notice there are lots of good comments on The Beach which would get the right attention in The Furrowed Brow or in some cases The Glass Box.

If you've already posted on The Beach - why not consider re-posting in another place, after reading the FAQ.

If the FAQ needs updating or something isn't clear - feel free to add a comment on this thread.


  1. At 10:33 AM on 24 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    So lets get this straight then?

    A Beach
    A Furrowed brow
    A Glassbox

    and then all these categories on the right to choose from?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions

  2. At 11:26 AM on 24 Aug 2007, Susan Orty-Boyden wrote:

    Is your comment in the right place? (To be read as if a villain in a cartoon or horror film: HAHAHAhahahaha.)

  3. At 11:28 AM on 24 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    so here i is......sitting in The Glass Box with The Furrowed Brow on the Beach overlooking the Links listening to the Sound of the surf whilst filling me album with Photos of the Sony Winner 2007 and wondering why FAQ's Special Education Needs are not being fulfilled by PM's Sounds of Summer.......or sumfink...

    DIY (it's wot i duz)

  4. At 11:50 AM on 24 Aug 2007, Dr Mohamed Khalek wrote:

    It is heart braking to see Rhys's mother. Her loss is irreplacable, and nothing will give her comfort except dishing to her son's killer the punishment she chooses. All talks about reforming society is hot air. We are human, nothing hurt us more than injustice, nothing deter us except fear of punishment. Bring back capital punishment, after all " eye for an eye" is the only solace for the hurt the Jones and many others are going through now. There may be one or two miscarriage of justice, but the goal justify the means. Hang them high, others may heed the lesson that the punishment is equivalent to the crime. None of that release for good behaviour. Make the prisons dirty, filthy and cold, let them sleep on concrete if they find the room to do so. Deprive them of comfort and sleep, like they did to their victims. They will soon worry about going to the other side of the prison wall. Do not send driving offender to jail but send these callous murderers and thieves to suffer for their crime, if you want to avoid prison overcrowding . I was on the board of visitor of a prison, the rights prisoners have is not given to them by their own family, the food they are given put John Lewis's food to shame, and they want a menu! yesterday on midland watch, prison officer were told to knock on prison cells and call the prisoners Mr so and so. Please do not insult the victims more.

  5. At 12:09 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Dear Dr Khalek,

    As per Eddie's message, your comment would be much better placed on The Furrowed Brow - the place for serious discussion on serious topics - or on Thursday's Glass Box - which is the place to comment on the content of that evening's edition of PM.

    Hope that helps.

    :o) []

  6. At 12:14 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Robert wrote:

    Hey Eddie, you've been watching Carolyn for 19 hours does she not go to sleep or does she do this in her studio??!!

  7. At 12:23 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Owsit Angin wrote:


    I've just hitched it over, and that's now *much* more comfortable.

    Gosh, what a useful public service site this is!

    Thanks again.

    Owsit Angin

  8. At 12:43 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Nick Turton wrote:

    I would like to be in a position to read and comment upon today's PM news letter. Unfotunately my companies firewall has blocked it on the grounds that it "contains language of a profane nature". Now I am intrigued...............

  9. At 01:22 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Nick (8) I think your firewall software needs reviewing. I can't see anything profane about the Deadwood Stage. I'll have a go at copying the newsletter here.

  10. At 01:29 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Nick(8), you should be able to read a copy on the main PM site (not here on the blog... follow the link just under Eddie's photo...) by clicking on the link to subscribe to the newsletter. They normally post a copy up there too :)

  11. At 01:29 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Carl wrote:

    Sorry! not in the right place!

  12. At 01:41 PM on 24 Aug 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Anne P (8):

    Maybe it's Calamity's fashion advice to builders: "Whip crack away!"

  13. At 01:42 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Nick & Anne P - try this link to The Deadwood Stage.

    This is somewhat spooky, as some would say, since I was thinking of that delightful song yesterday.

    A least there's no fear of post on THIS thread being in the wrong place.

  14. At 03:48 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Humph wrote:

    Fearless (10) Normally they do but they have not done so yet. Maybe it did not get passed the Beeb's Firewall either. :-(

    SSCat (12) I thought it might have been the line:

    A peaceful sort of welcome for the gang - Bang!

    but I cannot be sure. Something in it meant that my Spam deleter thought this was Spam.


  15. At 04:03 PM on 24 Aug 2007, sacrebleu wrote:

    Well, that little diitty by Eddie really cheered up my Friday afternoon.

    I could just picture him belting it out in the Glass box.

    What was that about a gang bang?

  16. At 04:31 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Well that's interesting, my attempt to copy the Deadwood Stage newsletter seems to have displeased the mods but Fifi got through on the beach (I'll swear my fingers typed newslater all on their own). Weird.

  17. At 05:10 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    No, it isn’t.

  18. At 05:44 PM on 24 Aug 2007, squirrel wrote:

    I can see the headlines now..

    PM Gang Bang Shock!

    The "blue bars" must come in handy though..

  19. At 06:06 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Christine Wiilams wrote:

    please can I have the final word on slugs and snails in the garden. Introduce frogs and you will never be troubled by these beasties again. It worked for me!

  20. At 07:08 PM on 24 Aug 2007, mittfh wrote:

    This comment should belong on one of the various threads where froggers' song contributions have been posted, but since I've already tried and fallen foul of the mods, I thought I'd try my luck here.
    The only difference being that I've stripped out links to an external website, which were the most likely cause of the denial.

    If Eddie thinks singing along to the Froggers' Song is too embarrassing, then what about the contributors he's highlighted so far?

    Anyway, being a radio presenter he can get away with having the lyrics in front of him - unlike his TV colleagues, who each year not only have to learn the entire set of lyrics to the songs they perform, but also learn a dance routine and wear some decidedly strange clothing...

    2006 - Bond Tribute *
    2005 - Queen (Bohemean Rhapsody) *
    2004 - 80s Tribute (Bananarama / Duran Duran)
    2003 - Motown Classics
    2002 - Rocky Horror (Timewarp/Sweet Transvestite) *
    ???? - Fatboy Slim (Weapon of Choice) *

    The performances in the years highlighted with a * can be viewed on a well-known video sharing site - just search for "BBC Newsreaders".

  21. At 11:39 AM on 25 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    CW (19)

    please can I have the final word on slugs and snails in the garden.



  22. At 12:16 PM on 26 Aug 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    I was well into my twenties before I realised that "Calamity Jane" and "Capability Brown" were not the same person.

  23. At 07:13 PM on 26 Aug 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    What about “Max Capacity”?

  24. At 09:38 PM on 26 Aug 2007, squirrel wrote:

    ..and "Max Headroom" Dr..?

    I have come to realise that very little of my comment is in the right place, either in space or time!

    I must try the sensation of sand between my toes one day soon..

    I assume a beach will be slug and snail free?

  25. At 11:00 PM on 26 Aug 2007, mittfh wrote:

    Seen under Stourport Library:

    Low Beams
    Minimum Headroom 6'6"

    I know what they mean, but it's easy when reading that for the first time to confuse headroom with height...

    And on similar matters, once when I was at Aberystwyth Uni, a 14' double decker took a wrong turn at campus and managed to wedge itself under the 11' high bridge formed by the biochemistry laboratories. Thankfully noone was on the top deck at the time, but the standing joke on campus was "So that's how Crossville make their open-top busses..."

    (Hard to think that Crossville still existed back in 1998 - and the green of the buses harmonised well with the green of Central Trains, who still ran the Cambrian Coaster back in those days. Nowadays, both are Arriva Blue)

  26. At 12:54 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Sid Cumberland wrote:

    re: slugs and snails.

    We've had a monster crop of these this year. The only thing that worked was beer traps - but we couldn't afford to keep them going all summer. When I went out to top them up of an evening, I could hear Mr Slugs all over the garden saying to their respective Mrs Slugs 'Just popping out for a quick one dear - don't wait up'.

    I've found two large toads, one smallish one, and two babies. The small ones will get fat, no doubt - but some of the slugs have been so enormous, even the adult toads would have had trouble getting them down.

    I paid £12 for some nematode stuff (I don't like using pellets), but that didn't seem to make a difference.

    Throwing them over my neighbour's fence doesn't work either - he just throws them back.


  27. At 01:52 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Big Sister wrote:


    Have you observed the behaviour of your toads lately?

    PC (to drunken toad): Hello hello hello, have you been on the bottle, sir?

    Drunken Toad: No, I just had a quick slug of beer, officer.

  28. At 03:06 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Sid Cumberland wrote:

    Big Sister (27)

    Aha, that would account for some of the strange goings-on in the garden lately ... not to mention the way the newts walk.

    (I have a pet newt, by the way - I call him Tiny ...)


  29. At 03:24 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    If I had a newt, I'd call him Ken.

  30. At 05:57 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Sid Cumberland wrote:

    'And why do you call him Tiny?'

    Altogether now:

    'Because he's MY NEWT!'


    (I really am very very sorry ... )

  31. At 07:48 PM on 27 Aug 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh dear, Sid, the old ones are always the best ...... As if we didn't know ;o)

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